Monday, 16 November 2009

A Glimpse into Mark 1.

Well hellooo!

In my last blog I mentioned briefly about my next t-shirt ideas that will aim to be available in the run up to the 2010 world cup...I'm doing lots of designs then I'm going to bring them together to make something spectacular!

Here is the first bunch of rough ideas...please enjoy!

And one more little design to show you - I was thinking of using this for some stickers - maybe hi-jack some bottles of the drink and splash some self promo on know the drill!

Many thanks x

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Pay close attention - here comes the next dimension

So once more please may I apologise for the shere lack of web presence of late!

The Birmingham shores have been proving busy these last few months but I wanted to get back on the web for a bit of updating.

It seems like the way forward in this industry like many others is all down to networking so like a over wired socket I am trying to get involved with the local design networks in good old Brum.

As I have just been having a cheeky bosh at this I may as well post a pick - it's my first attempt at a bit of 3d stuff. It's very much the flavour of the month at the mo what with Channel 4's 3d week coming up.

You'll need the old 3d specs for it to sort of work...I say sort of loosely as it doesn't really work. Just a quick try any way. I shall have a proper go shortly!

I'm rather looking forward to the Channel 4 3d week. It starts tomorrow and you can see a full list of the shows here there's a whole bunch of cool stuff being shown from The Queens Coronation to Derren Browns latest bunch of treats. Bottom line - Pretty awesome!

If you want any more info then look here:

You can get your glasses from Sainsbury's stores...

In other news - some more things to show you.

Writer and extra-far from ordinary mogul Tiffany Lee ( ) kindly asked me to do some business cards for her... so here they are:

Thoughts and comments welcome, if you need anything designed then hit me -

So other news includes a pipeline T-shirt plan including releasing a range to coincide with the football world cup in South Africa. The idea largely is around playing with sterotypes and smashing down barriers through this fashonable medium. I.e. Johnny Casio may have long hair and enjoy music - he may be thought of as another cliche, however he like many others is not. This is the same for many others so i'm grabbing a slice of the patriotic dream of winning the world cup and will have some initial drawings up very soon.

Thanks for reading this far down! Tell your friends, your mothers, your sisters and your brothers - Johnny Casio is here.

Thank you kindly x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

A long time coming...

So ladies and gents, may I sincerely apologise for such a long delay in the blog roll!

After a busy summer doing who knows what and who knows where...galivanting has finallly ended and Johnny has re-charged the batteries and is back on form and reasy to drawn form.

This summer has seen Johnny explore into the stencil and canvas world and you can see some pictures below. If you like what you see and would like an icon stencil made personally for you then get in touch and we can work something out - these can be 100% customised for your tastes - size, name it we can work things out to suit your needs but of course!

Johnny is now located back in sunny Birmingham UK just so we know...erm what else can i say...more t shirt designs as ever are coming out and I shall get these out in t shirt form as soon as demand holla's!

Pictures below, I'd love to know your thoughts!

Anyways, short but sweet - so very sorry for such a delay but as they say! Let's hit the road Jack...the road is looking exciting!!

Much love, Johnny x x

Monday, 8 June 2009

So whadya know!

So whodda thought it then eh?

I've been a busy chap with all sorts of things at the moment, finally got a cheeky mo to slap on the lappy tappy too and hit the world wide web with some serious bloggage!

Last week i ended up on route to the big smoke of london to see the legendary Morrissey, poor chap, he's been knocked out with a throwt doo daa. So what to do now?

Horror fest 09!! Starting with Drag me to hell - in short, a brilliant comedy horror. Just had me all tense. Me tummy was in knots - i didnt knw whether to laugh or cry. A bit like going to see Jurrassic Park for the 1st time, I was about 8 and my mum was building it up that it was the scariest film ever made so i spent alot of the film with hands in front of me eyes. Turns out that film was brilliant in the end.

Next stop. Mr Wu.

Genius. Leicester Square all you can eat chinese buffet for under a 5er. Need I say more? Quite funny seeing Mr Wu himself kicking off because people are using his tables without his permission.

After the loverly romace and mood lighting provided on this beautiful sunny day we stopped off at this new attraction called the passage of Terror. Again, in short it were marvellous. Scary beeswax, give it a go. Its good fun.

Final film. Let the right one in...I liked it.

I'm rambling, had a wonderful trip in London but I haven't even told you about the Clothes show...I can happily and so proudly say that George Lamb of 6 music and Big Brother and other e4 itv2 like fame is the owner of a Johnny Casio t-shirt. I personally gave it too him and he was a loverly chap!! He was very passionate and wanted to hear more, it gave Johnny a bit of the old Confidence.

Lets hope he wears it!!!

Fanks for listening, new desings on the way asapasoon!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A tribute to The King Blues

So I got home today after a supoib meal courtesy of the fine cuisine offered at one Nandos with the sun still shining and embarked on a spotify adventure. Eventually I landed on the myspace page of The King Blues. A smashing acousticy bouncy gritty punk band whom I bloody well love.

I booked up some tickets to go see them all the way in October but that's pretty exciting, I'm stoked!

In aid of all this King Blues carnage...I did a new doodle. I would love your comments.

What do you think?
While you're here - please become a fan of johnny casio on facebook!
Don't forget you can get your Sunny Sailing t-shirt exclusively from the 'Merch' pages at for a mere £12.50 - Bargain!
Much love x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

We have lift off!

I do apologise for such a delayed blog.

It's been a madly chaotic last few weeks! Me mind has been everywhere graphical and stuffed with ideas but I have finally got some time together to sort every which way thing out and it feels good.

I can proudly introduce...the much talked of t shirt range entitled 'Sunny Sailing' and its functionability. AKA you can now buy them!! To give you a bit more of an intro - the Sunny Sailing idea was simply braised through the idea of starting this venture, so as the seas look calm and the ship is looking strong. Lets go.

You can buy them on the march page on the website

They are priced a mere £12.50!

Prepare for another update soon - it has been too long and these will be done regularly!

To give you a personal insight into what I am currently thinking...shame the weather has clouded over - I lept out of bed this morning when the sun was out in the anticipation that we'd have some BBQ weather. So bought the old food...then ended up sliding back home ( i was in flip flops) thanks to good old mr rain! Never mind!

Might have some beans on toast...thanks all,
Scrap that crap - weather doesn't stop a brai! BBQ is on!
much kindness and love x

Monday, 27 April 2009

Great Britainshire in glorious sunshine!

Dear all...Hello!

Exciting times as we embark on the summer! I hope all is well and sweet in the leand of earth.

I can officially announce that Johnny Casio Design can officially, officially hit those shelves - I will have a full gallery of the 1st tshirt up and running soon as well as all the admin that goes with such things! These T shirts are priced at £15 english.

In celebration of such things I would like to invite you to watch two videos. The first one, if carlsberg did wedding dances...cheers youtube numero 1.

And thanks youtube numero 2 - 10 million views for this classic, if any of you hadn't seen this - I just had to get it out there!

In other news, I am currently doing all I can to visualize myself at the world cup in South Africa in 2010, I was born out there and have so much precious family out there it is brilliant. If you want me to design something then it would be a real pleasure - this is where my small charge would go if you're asking!

Its my favourite place. Thoroughly looking forward to the lions taking on the SA rugby teams...random sport outburst - everyone loves a cheeky bit o sport! Portsmouth v Newcastle is the one to watch tonight of corse! What are you doing?

when it comes round to this time of year you just want to be bbq-ing every night. This weather we've been having lately is so awesome I just can't get enough!!!

So keep your ears to the ground - all shall become official with the t shirts asap - in the mean time, let me knoe if you want one - you can contact me in numerous mediums thanks to the tinterweb. is the email.

Keep well all x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Much needed and Overdue Blogging!! 1st Johnny Casio t shirt and website!

Hello all!

I hope all is marvellous!

Please accept my apologies for such delayed blogging!

The news for all you regulaars...
Johnny Casio and his Designs is even more online, me own website! whoda thought!

Its up and running and hopefully you likes it!!!

Even more news...

You can get your hands on the 1st ever limited edition promo t shirt starting next week - all you need to do is get in touch with ones self and we can sort you out!! The design you can see below is the 1st t shirt to go into production - what are your thougths??? Email me if you want in!

Thanks to all for all your comments and support. Keep em coming. Please invite your friends to the facebook group and let this independance sparkle across the world!!!

Lets do this!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The dawn of the web

So how are we all?

Comic relief last night eh, a brilliant success - me thinks the affect of all the bad press and recession caused gloom = mass donating. I don't know about anyone else but it truly was an awesome thing to come together and do something to help in any way whilst we are in the midst of such flippin negative media.

In our household we all contributed some form of cake or food then just put in a few pennies every time we wanted to dive in. This combined with the old £5 texts we raised around 30 english which however small in the grand scale of things can still buy 6 nets for people and in turn may well save 6 lives. Just from your sofa - its amazing.


A very exciting time at the moment having done a comission and now received tendor for another all is rolling well - however, my mind ticks faster than a rattlesnakes' sex drive so as the greedy drawer I am I always want to do more. Tis 'cos I love doing what I do really.

Recently purchased is don't click 'cos nothings live as of yet.

I can though, reveal the 1st glimpse of the brand spankers website.

All feedback is welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

Next article on this here news reel is as follows: PROMO RANGE BEING PLANNED!!!

Yep 'tis right - the first full batch of t shirts is on the cards. I very much want to test the water and see if there might be people out there who want to buy my designs in garment form. This would be a touching achievement but I reckons we can make it happen.

The t shirt in question for this here promo range is the one below:

Again, thoughts would be absolutely delightful!

I hope you are brilliant x

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What a pleasure to take up some of this internet space!

Hey all!,

Thank you for once more tuning in to Casio FM! Got lots of doodles for you to see below! It's been as ever a busy time in the towers of casio. The draw bridge has been opening and closing non-stop in a time of economic confusion and insecurities - JC has been providing myself with a good get away from all that scary financial nonsense and brought with him many new ideas and opportunities.

Focusing on make the designs as popular as possible and then looking at getting the most popular ones out there and running through the production process and before you know it - making friends with your soft skin!

Anywho - would love to know your thoughts please! Spread the word and once again, a very very kind thanks to you all for tuning in!

You are brilliant x

Monday, 9 February 2009

As I were saying!

Well Thank you please!

I hope we're all good out there in cyber surf!

Still feeling simply touched by the impact of Mr Frank Turner last weekend, i have scanned the signed image into the old computer and here it is!

Cool eh?!
Makes me proud!
Anywho, managed to send some business cards to print yesterday...they'll come in handy on the old network front!
Thanks all, I hope you are all supoib!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Signed and stamped!

Well what a marvelous honour!

Last night we embarked on the rescheduled Frank Turner gig with too much excitement to hide - got there, got a toffee crisp, next thing I know - we bump into the man himself! He was there quite happily just selling his merch as the down to earth fellow would.

Absolutely brilliant gig, it always will be with Frank. I hold him up there as part of our heritage, though our new heritage simply because his music and is naturalness?! is precious.

Being Johnny Casio i had on hand the drawing I have done which is inspired by the man himself. I showed it to him. He had already seen it! This were touching and rather spectacular! He has signed it and I shall scan it in to get online A SAP!!

I've also done a new doodle which you can see here:

What are your thoughts oh wonderful peoples?

This was a rushed message but thank you all!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thank You Patrick

Good Moro,

Exciting stuff coming out of Casio Castle at the moment, I've done a couple more designs which you can see below here:

Panic (top) uses lyrics taken from The Smiths' 'Panic'...

How strange!

Will have more up soon! Production is getting nearer!!



According to the trusted sources of Wikipedia,

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

So basically I post little updates which can be followed just to give anyone a cheeky insight into what is going down in my town :)

The wheels keep on turning...

Its been a good week despite not getting too much done had lots of work and such so Johnny Casio has taken a small sidestep but now the weekend is here, all work is done and Johnny is ready to get involved!!

Trying to get as invlolved in this venture, search for Individual Threads on facebook - they've got an awesome vision and one that I share with my aims for Johnny Casio. A short video can be seen here:

Many thanks!!

Will do some more blogging shortly but in the mean time, have a lovely saturday!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Journey Continues!

Evening all,

As the adventure keeps on spinning and the world keeps on moving, Johnny Casio has been out to talk to some printers and see whats the best approach to take...whilst that was going down he also had the chance to knock up some new designs including one that i am particularly proud of because of its orientation.

Frank Turner

if you are unaware of the genious that is Frank then please browse and see here:

More images you can see below...! Comments would quite literally be fantastic!!!

Keep well all, much love x

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Designs thus far!

There are lots more and i'll keep smashing them up here as long as blogger lets me!

Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Hidden in an alias of disguise, Johnny Casio is a tyrant created to fill the void of your garment desires. Or so he says.It is a creative outlet, a pleasure and chance to spread some wings. If you would like something designed then ask Johnny.

Designs are coming thick and fast.

Newest design featuring a flag and a heart plus bit o babyshambles bobs - what are your thoughts lovely peoples you?

Johnny Casio - the ever expanding character is developing with the wood work seeping with plans and ideas it is now time to embark on this world wide journey and take over the universe!!
well then lets go, firstly, lets talk themes - the babyshambles theme.

You can see three designs in the gallery - these are designed with the intention on being printe an worked with further on canvas.

You see ladies and gentlemen - Johnny Casio is an unlimited entity that will end up on mugs to shrugs - JC'll be there!!

If you want to talk designs - Johnny is on call, anything you want made? hit me with your briefs!
Album art work? wreckless drawings? living room comforts? Anything at all you see!


1st T shirt has been made!!! After searching around and much waiting the first Johnny Casio t shirt has been made - Lional the Lion went into production with the intention of creating a proto type. A picture will be on show shortly - check back for that A SAP! anyone know some really decent t shirt printers offering a high quality and offers various types of print? hit me with 'em!

Anyone want a free badge? well spread the word, add all your friends to this group and you can get one!

To be honest - you can all have one for free. Just give me a shout - if you could add your friends to the facebook group here: then that would just be simply marvelous!

Right lots of words over! Keep well all, much love x