Monday, 16 November 2009

A Glimpse into Mark 1.

Well hellooo!

In my last blog I mentioned briefly about my next t-shirt ideas that will aim to be available in the run up to the 2010 world cup...I'm doing lots of designs then I'm going to bring them together to make something spectacular!

Here is the first bunch of rough ideas...please enjoy!

And one more little design to show you - I was thinking of using this for some stickers - maybe hi-jack some bottles of the drink and splash some self promo on know the drill!

Many thanks x

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Pay close attention - here comes the next dimension

So once more please may I apologise for the shere lack of web presence of late!

The Birmingham shores have been proving busy these last few months but I wanted to get back on the web for a bit of updating.

It seems like the way forward in this industry like many others is all down to networking so like a over wired socket I am trying to get involved with the local design networks in good old Brum.

As I have just been having a cheeky bosh at this I may as well post a pick - it's my first attempt at a bit of 3d stuff. It's very much the flavour of the month at the mo what with Channel 4's 3d week coming up.

You'll need the old 3d specs for it to sort of work...I say sort of loosely as it doesn't really work. Just a quick try any way. I shall have a proper go shortly!

I'm rather looking forward to the Channel 4 3d week. It starts tomorrow and you can see a full list of the shows here there's a whole bunch of cool stuff being shown from The Queens Coronation to Derren Browns latest bunch of treats. Bottom line - Pretty awesome!

If you want any more info then look here:

You can get your glasses from Sainsbury's stores...

In other news - some more things to show you.

Writer and extra-far from ordinary mogul Tiffany Lee ( ) kindly asked me to do some business cards for her... so here they are:

Thoughts and comments welcome, if you need anything designed then hit me -

So other news includes a pipeline T-shirt plan including releasing a range to coincide with the football world cup in South Africa. The idea largely is around playing with sterotypes and smashing down barriers through this fashonable medium. I.e. Johnny Casio may have long hair and enjoy music - he may be thought of as another cliche, however he like many others is not. This is the same for many others so i'm grabbing a slice of the patriotic dream of winning the world cup and will have some initial drawings up very soon.

Thanks for reading this far down! Tell your friends, your mothers, your sisters and your brothers - Johnny Casio is here.

Thank you kindly x