Monday, 8 June 2009

So whadya know!

So whodda thought it then eh?

I've been a busy chap with all sorts of things at the moment, finally got a cheeky mo to slap on the lappy tappy too and hit the world wide web with some serious bloggage!

Last week i ended up on route to the big smoke of london to see the legendary Morrissey, poor chap, he's been knocked out with a throwt doo daa. So what to do now?

Horror fest 09!! Starting with Drag me to hell - in short, a brilliant comedy horror. Just had me all tense. Me tummy was in knots - i didnt knw whether to laugh or cry. A bit like going to see Jurrassic Park for the 1st time, I was about 8 and my mum was building it up that it was the scariest film ever made so i spent alot of the film with hands in front of me eyes. Turns out that film was brilliant in the end.

Next stop. Mr Wu.

Genius. Leicester Square all you can eat chinese buffet for under a 5er. Need I say more? Quite funny seeing Mr Wu himself kicking off because people are using his tables without his permission.

After the loverly romace and mood lighting provided on this beautiful sunny day we stopped off at this new attraction called the passage of Terror. Again, in short it were marvellous. Scary beeswax, give it a go. Its good fun.

Final film. Let the right one in...I liked it.

I'm rambling, had a wonderful trip in London but I haven't even told you about the Clothes show...I can happily and so proudly say that George Lamb of 6 music and Big Brother and other e4 itv2 like fame is the owner of a Johnny Casio t-shirt. I personally gave it too him and he was a loverly chap!! He was very passionate and wanted to hear more, it gave Johnny a bit of the old Confidence.

Lets hope he wears it!!!

Fanks for listening, new desings on the way asapasoon!