Sunday, 14 November 2010

Revised Drumming

So here is the finished article from this mornings little number!

Have a great Monday!

Frock On Vitnage

Just a few flyer ideas for 'Frock On Vintage' - who have just opened a smart new studio in digbeth, Birmingham. Find out more -

See ya x

A little bit of print

Good weekend all!

Naturally being a massive follower of all sports yesterday was packed full of it. Man Utd game was a good way to kick off this weekends proceedings and what a game that was! Having spent a couple of years living not too far from Villa Park there's a soft spot there for them but really I just wanted United to put on a show, and I suppose they did. A great game.

Then le Rugby, what more can you say then flippin awesome England beating the wallabies like that!

As a build up the MASSIVE fight, what more can you ask for then to see Stoke beat Liverpool 2-0. Wunderbar!

The boxing, I love it - so much anticipation and David Haye, he's just such a cool guy! Was always going to go one way, I came away feeling less jubilant than I thought I would have - it's not the nicest thing to whitness a mans career be shut down in such a straight forward manner.

Anyway, bit of a random tangent!

Below is a simple poster for a pro drumming friend of ours - just a little something I did this morn.

Have a marvelous Sunday.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

and so we have a go...

So in an evening admiring all things minimalist in the design world, we thought it was about time we have a quick go as a tribute to an inspirationally brilliant and heroic comedy! This is Spinal Tap and This is by Johnny Casio.

Over and Out!


Just wanted to share with you some truly brilliant minimalist posters, no matter what era they come from here a few examples from both more recent and decadent times.

The above Foals image is from a recent competition they one, we just wanted to share it as its simplicity and punctual illustration is really a pleasure too look at. We commend these designers!!
JC x

Friday, 29 October 2010

Proud we are.

It gives us great pleaure to introduce '93 by Phil Martin' - a really great photographer who has just got a fantastic eye for a great shot. Phil shares our vision of innovation so after little deliberation we have invited Phil to be part of JC. We're inspired by him and hopefully you can be too.

See more here:

Let's get our name in lights!

We're currently working on tightening up the branding for JC and part of this is aligning our guidlines. The current project is a book that sumarises us, what we do and who we are. Who knows...maybe one day we'll get our name in lights --> big smiley emoticon.

the johnny casio brand...

And that's us.

all a fresh

so after a whirlwind summer and all sorts of excitement the blog reel is restarting. From here we will share stuff we are inspired by and express things we are working on.

Starting here:

That's good old frank who we're always obsessed with - he helps the ideas come out!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Trials & Tribulations of life in the 6-a-side: The Story of Norfolk and Chance

Blog 5

Ole, ole ole ole, ole, ole! We have our first victory! NAC, who some said didn’t have a chance, have racked up their first win, triumphing 3-1 over Godsport Wonders, who were sitting in 3rd in the league!

We went into the game after a 3-3 draw last week in the CRY cup, a game I couldn’t play in due to my other team commitments, but that confidence was carried over to the league. We started the game in the normal fashion, strong and creating chances but one mistake and we were punished. 1-0 to Godsport.

However we were back in the game within a couple of minutes. A long ball forward from Jimmy, flicked on by Steve and Jay was there to smash it home at the near post. You can’t beat a bit of route one! Goal 2 came from what seemed to be a lost ball which Jay chased and kept in on the touchline, skinned one of their guys and then squared across the box for Justin to tap in. Game on!

We had a couple of other chances, which brought their manager out of his trackies and onto the pitch to try and save the game. We continued to frustrate them though and got our third goal through the tricky Jay, who had already trained for an hour before this game.

Our stand in defender Ian came in again and provided a real solid presence in defence. Steve seemed really up for the game and I was feeling confident. Other results ahead of us also went our way, with the team above us not playing so therefore forfeiting the game. We are now one point off second bottom and 7 points off 3rd place.

We can do it!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

We want you!


Lots to tell!

So The world cup is so close! As is Glastonbury!...and we're in the middle of preparations!

The point of this post is to plea! We're looking for your ideas as we are going to make an enormous flag and we would love your imput - throw your ideas our way and your idea can be up in the sky during these two monumental occassions!

So your ideas would be massively welcome, you can send them to us in numerous ways; you can email me: tweet us: or on facebook: and we look forward to hearing from you in a big way!

Wouldn't it be awesome to see your idea on infront of the pyramid stage? Or in Cape Town amongst the World Cup festivities?!

Secondly, we're getting excited at the potential opportunity of the first award for the Johnny Casio team. We have been nominated for a VISCOM BRIAN AWARD - part of the Birmingham Istitue of Art and Design end of year show. It would be great if we could win the highly credible award and the big night awards doo is next week (Tuesday) so we'll let you know how we get on!

Thats all from me, Get in touch with your flag ideas and we can't wait to receive them!

Bring on the World Cup!


Monday, 7 June 2010

Trials & Tribulations of Life in the 6 a-side - The story of Norfolk and Chance

4th Blog

Well, they say it is tough at the top and even tougher at the bottom. We can’t vouch for the first one, but certainly can for the second. Another performance this week that promised much and delivered little.

We went into the game against “The Tanks” who we felt were a beatable side. They have had indifferent form up to now, including a 20-0 beating in the cup two weeks ago. Last week they fared better, with a 4-2 victory. However they came at us and snuck 2 first half goals in past our stand in keeper Aaron.

Into the second half we continued to dominate the possession, but are still sorely missing that killer instinct in front of goal. We lacked any real conviction, pace and movement and so paid the price and lost another goal, to go down 3-0 at the final whistle.

We are now really desperate for that goalscorer. It would completely transform our team. But for now, we must soldier on. I have been here before and know that it can be done, you just have to stick at it. Hopefully I can write you something more positive next week!


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trial and Tribulations of life in the 6-a-side: The Story of Norfolk and Chance

The 3rd blog

So, after a one week break whilst our beloved referees have their monthly meeting, League Edstreme returned on Thursday 20th May. After our last performance, a battling 1-0 defeat in the CRY cup with 5 players, I have to admit I felt positive.

We faced the usual selection dilemma of a lack of players, with exams and injuries decimating the squad. That left us with a bare 5, so a ringer, named Jack, was called in at the last minute.

NAC got off to the usual positive start, decent possession and a couple of early chances, but, as has been the story of our season so far, we had no-one there to put them away. As a result, we went 1-0 down with the oppo’s first attack on goal. We did however fight back almost immediately, when a great chance fell to aforementioned ringer Jack, which he tucked away confidently. That made him joint top scorer, with yours truly!

The second half was as even as the first, until a certain Phil George attempted the pass that Jimmy always tells him not to – the one across goal. It was intercepted and, as I’m sure you can guess, tucked away.

We threw everything at them in the closing stages, including the kitchen sink, but to no avail. As it was, the game ended 2-1 and NAC suffer another disappointing defeat. All we need is a finisher and we would rocket up the league. I wonder if Michael Owen fancies a game.

Until next week


Trials and tribulations of life in the 6 a-side - the story of Norfolk and Chance

Blog – Week 2 – CRY Cup 2nd Group Game

The word “hero” is an overused term in our beautiful game. Too many of our overpaid Premier League players are often put on the same level as soldiers and surgeons. But, down at 6-a-side level, where we actually pay to play football, you could argue we are deserving of that accolade.

And so it was proved in our second group game of the CRY cup. We had lost our opening game 9-0 to a Premier Division side and faced equally tough opposition in the second one. To add to our already steep mountain, we could only muster 5 players. However we got stuck in, battled for every ball and won every header. For the first half, we kept the score at 0-0.

We went into the second half in confident mood. Still the chances for the opposition came and went and they got more and more frustrated. However they did get the breakthrough after around 8 minutes of the second half, when a long range pile driver beat Jimmy in goal.

We kept battling though and Ru had a couple of gilt edged chances when through one-on-one with the goalkeeper which he really should have taken. In the end though, we lost 1-0. A marked improvement and something we can hopefully carry over into the league, especially after our 1-1 draw last week.

Here’s hoping!


Monday, 10 May 2010

Trials and tribulations of life in the 6 a-side - the story of Norfolk and Chance

The Epic 1st Blog

Hello one and all and welcome along to my first ever blog! My name is Phil George and my good friends at Johnny Casio Design have asked me to write this after he designed me a quite fantastic team badge (see above). I will be keeping you all up-to-date with the trials and tribulations of my 6 a side football team NAC (stands for Norfolk and Chance – say it quickly to understand it!) over the coming months.

NAC play in a league my mate Sean runs called League Edstreme (, based in Portsmouth, set-up in memory of his younger brother Ed who he unfortunately lost at a very young age. He has set the league up to raise awareness of CRY ( who have helped him and his family greatly over the past couple of years.

The league has come a long way, from playing with 8 teams in a sports hall to 2 outdoor all weather pitches with 2 divisions totalling 16 teams. As a result, he asked me to become “President” of the first division (he is an avid follower of NHL!). So as well as playing, I help with the organising.

We had the first CRY Cup competition a couple of months ago, raising £1,100 for CRY and another one is planned for this season. To be able to help with the running of this non profit league is truly an honour and all the while we are raising lots of money for charity.

So now you have the background, I will update you all in the coming weeks as to the progress of the newly formed NAC. Like any new team we are currently trying to gel and fortunately, as we are at the lower end of the footballing pyramid, we aren’t subject to the pressures of the Premier League! However this doesn’t mean we won’t be trying. Contrary to our team name, we have belief!

We are 4 games into this season and are currently 8th (of 8 L) in the first division. So, as the famous tune goes, the only way is up, baby! The season resumes a week Thursday (CRY cup games tonight) when I will update you on the adventures of Phil, Ru, Steve, Col, Jim, Justin, Paul & Jay.

You think it’s all over… is now.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

The trials and tribulations of life in the 6-a-side - The Story of Norfolk and Chance

So ladies and gents it gives us a real pleasure to introduce to you a feature on our blog that we will be running every week. We have searched high and low for the perfect team of likely lads that we can feature on our Blog. We found 'Norfolk and Chance'.

Looking for some help with a team logo, we took it upon ourselves to design the team a logo. We came up with two final designs, the first you can see below is one that we plucked up from thin air...

However, this one below is the logo the team went for as it suited what they were looking very specifically for, best.

It is a real pleasure to be working with the team who have agreed to provide us with regular blogs about the teams progress and how they get on battling through 'League Edstreme'.

Watch this space for our very own team captain Phil George and his own unique insight into the behind happenings of the league and various cups!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Random Bits and Blogs

...What I'm thinking is, there may be a whole load of stuff we've been working on that hasn't had an blog exposure. I'm going to take this opportunity to throw down a load of designs we have done lately...enjoi!

An Engineering Firm Based in Banwell Somerset, we have been working on concepts for promotional material which included a re-brand. Above you can see the final logo. Below are a couple of logos for the Axbridge saxon football teams, what with the world cup an all we've been exploring all avenues of design in football.

Looking once more at a local engineering firm, we have been developing branding concepts to coincide withe the launch of a new website. Winscombe Engineering is the name of the firm if you hadn't realised :P

Above is a poster that was a real pleasure to do, Sunshine Hospital Radio, the radio station based in Weston General Hospital, is built up of a tem of highly committed and dedicated volunteers. One of the Johnny Casio team spent some great time there helping out wherever possible. You can find out more about the station at

So there is update installment no. this space for more

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Good afternoon folks!

I trust all is supoib and the week is starting to fly by! Hang in's Easter this weekend!

So we are now embracing our blog and using it for our and hopefully your benefit. So without any further adue, may I introduce you to 'MUSIC WE LOVE TUESDAYS'

So what exactly is this? Just an image you've made for no reason whatsoever? Well my friends it is in fact our way of sharing our inspiration with you. We are inviting you to do the same!

Every tuesday we will be announcing two Music We Love Tuesdays winners as collectively suggested by you...fellow music lovers. All you need to is send your favourite music of the moment to and we will list them here every tuesday and share the sounds you have sent the world!

Everyone loves music, where would we be without it? We depend on it and it helps each and every one of us at some point, somwhere. As a design agency, all of us here are constantly listening to something that makes us feel in a particular way and helps to inspire our work. We don't think we're alone in this. Whatever your profession, music will contact you at some point during the day and either help you out or frustrate you endlessly!

So we ask you, check out our first two winners - both from the folk world. Chuck Ragan and Liz Lawrence

Please email us at and share your inspiration with the world!

Thanks for reading this and being a part of Johnny Casio Design

Keep well and enjoy x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

An overhaul...

So as always it's been busy yada yada yada and we have neglected the blog in an unhealthy fashion...well.

This I have to say is simply down to the sheer amount of final year uni work that we seem to have on, however as the term winds down there is much excitement about absolutely everything.

We have been working closely with a great musician and promoter who has recently set up his own company; an agency whom you can approach to get a suitable type of music from for weddings and what not. To give him some web presence we knocked up a quick website that shall change over the next few months but it just needed a bit of presence online. The company name is MiBox Music and you can see the website by visiting

And as if we haven't been busy...the fine gentleman who set up MiBox has also started putting together his own record label and club night. Luckily enough for us we have been asked to do the flyer... and here is:

What do you think?

so from now on, we blog...lots!

...and soon

p.s. follow umbro on Twitter - they're doing awesome things digital campaignwise - we are well and truly obsessed with them and the awesome job they did on the new England kit. Legends!

Monday, 25 January 2010

A few images of progress for you!

So as we embark on recycling our image to a clean and healthier bill - here is where we begin!

Today I am inspired by Sam Tucker - my partner in crime and fantastic artist!

Monday, 18 January 2010

So where to start...

I'll keep it brief...after much designing and conversing we have now decided on the new contemporary and swanky Johnny Casio logo - incorporating a number of new ideas and changes here at Johnny Casio castle this is the final outcome:

With this comes NEW BADGES! so if you want one then let us know, drop us a line yada bing!

A fun little picture for you next...entitled THANK YOU SNOW! you'll see why...