Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What a pleasure to take up some of this internet space!

Hey all!,

Thank you for once more tuning in to Casio FM! Got lots of doodles for you to see below! It's been as ever a busy time in the towers of casio. The draw bridge has been opening and closing non-stop in a time of economic confusion and insecurities - JC has been providing myself with a good get away from all that scary financial nonsense and brought with him many new ideas and opportunities.

Focusing on make the designs as popular as possible and then looking at getting the most popular ones out there and running through the production process and before you know it - making friends with your soft skin!

Anywho - would love to know your thoughts please! Spread the word and once again, a very very kind thanks to you all for tuning in!

You are brilliant x

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