Monday, 27 April 2009

Great Britainshire in glorious sunshine!

Dear all...Hello!

Exciting times as we embark on the summer! I hope all is well and sweet in the leand of earth.

I can officially announce that Johnny Casio Design can officially, officially hit those shelves - I will have a full gallery of the 1st tshirt up and running soon as well as all the admin that goes with such things! These T shirts are priced at £15 english.

In celebration of such things I would like to invite you to watch two videos. The first one, if carlsberg did wedding dances...cheers youtube numero 1.

And thanks youtube numero 2 - 10 million views for this classic, if any of you hadn't seen this - I just had to get it out there!

In other news, I am currently doing all I can to visualize myself at the world cup in South Africa in 2010, I was born out there and have so much precious family out there it is brilliant. If you want me to design something then it would be a real pleasure - this is where my small charge would go if you're asking!

Its my favourite place. Thoroughly looking forward to the lions taking on the SA rugby teams...random sport outburst - everyone loves a cheeky bit o sport! Portsmouth v Newcastle is the one to watch tonight of corse! What are you doing?

when it comes round to this time of year you just want to be bbq-ing every night. This weather we've been having lately is so awesome I just can't get enough!!!

So keep your ears to the ground - all shall become official with the t shirts asap - in the mean time, let me knoe if you want one - you can contact me in numerous mediums thanks to the tinterweb. is the email.

Keep well all x

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