Sunday, 17 May 2009

We have lift off!

I do apologise for such a delayed blog.

It's been a madly chaotic last few weeks! Me mind has been everywhere graphical and stuffed with ideas but I have finally got some time together to sort every which way thing out and it feels good.

I can proudly introduce...the much talked of t shirt range entitled 'Sunny Sailing' and its functionability. AKA you can now buy them!! To give you a bit more of an intro - the Sunny Sailing idea was simply braised through the idea of starting this venture, so as the seas look calm and the ship is looking strong. Lets go.

You can buy them on the march page on the website

They are priced a mere £12.50!

Prepare for another update soon - it has been too long and these will be done regularly!

To give you a personal insight into what I am currently thinking...shame the weather has clouded over - I lept out of bed this morning when the sun was out in the anticipation that we'd have some BBQ weather. So bought the old food...then ended up sliding back home ( i was in flip flops) thanks to good old mr rain! Never mind!

Might have some beans on toast...thanks all,
Scrap that crap - weather doesn't stop a brai! BBQ is on!
much kindness and love x

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