Friday, 29 October 2010

Proud we are.

It gives us great pleaure to introduce '93 by Phil Martin' - a really great photographer who has just got a fantastic eye for a great shot. Phil shares our vision of innovation so after little deliberation we have invited Phil to be part of JC. We're inspired by him and hopefully you can be too.

See more here:

Let's get our name in lights!

We're currently working on tightening up the branding for JC and part of this is aligning our guidlines. The current project is a book that sumarises us, what we do and who we are. Who knows...maybe one day we'll get our name in lights --> big smiley emoticon.

the johnny casio brand...

And that's us.

all a fresh

so after a whirlwind summer and all sorts of excitement the blog reel is restarting. From here we will share stuff we are inspired by and express things we are working on.

Starting here:

That's good old frank who we're always obsessed with - he helps the ideas come out!