Sunday, 18 January 2009

Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

Hidden in an alias of disguise, Johnny Casio is a tyrant created to fill the void of your garment desires. Or so he says.It is a creative outlet, a pleasure and chance to spread some wings. If you would like something designed then ask Johnny.

Designs are coming thick and fast.

Newest design featuring a flag and a heart plus bit o babyshambles bobs - what are your thoughts lovely peoples you?

Johnny Casio - the ever expanding character is developing with the wood work seeping with plans and ideas it is now time to embark on this world wide journey and take over the universe!!
well then lets go, firstly, lets talk themes - the babyshambles theme.

You can see three designs in the gallery - these are designed with the intention on being printe an worked with further on canvas.

You see ladies and gentlemen - Johnny Casio is an unlimited entity that will end up on mugs to shrugs - JC'll be there!!

If you want to talk designs - Johnny is on call, anything you want made? hit me with your briefs!
Album art work? wreckless drawings? living room comforts? Anything at all you see!


1st T shirt has been made!!! After searching around and much waiting the first Johnny Casio t shirt has been made - Lional the Lion went into production with the intention of creating a proto type. A picture will be on show shortly - check back for that A SAP! anyone know some really decent t shirt printers offering a high quality and offers various types of print? hit me with 'em!

Anyone want a free badge? well spread the word, add all your friends to this group and you can get one!

To be honest - you can all have one for free. Just give me a shout - if you could add your friends to the facebook group here: then that would just be simply marvelous!

Right lots of words over! Keep well all, much love x

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