Saturday, 14 March 2009

The dawn of the web

So how are we all?

Comic relief last night eh, a brilliant success - me thinks the affect of all the bad press and recession caused gloom = mass donating. I don't know about anyone else but it truly was an awesome thing to come together and do something to help in any way whilst we are in the midst of such flippin negative media.

In our household we all contributed some form of cake or food then just put in a few pennies every time we wanted to dive in. This combined with the old £5 texts we raised around 30 english which however small in the grand scale of things can still buy 6 nets for people and in turn may well save 6 lives. Just from your sofa - its amazing.


A very exciting time at the moment having done a comission and now received tendor for another all is rolling well - however, my mind ticks faster than a rattlesnakes' sex drive so as the greedy drawer I am I always want to do more. Tis 'cos I love doing what I do really.

Recently purchased is don't click 'cos nothings live as of yet.

I can though, reveal the 1st glimpse of the brand spankers website.

All feedback is welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

Next article on this here news reel is as follows: PROMO RANGE BEING PLANNED!!!

Yep 'tis right - the first full batch of t shirts is on the cards. I very much want to test the water and see if there might be people out there who want to buy my designs in garment form. This would be a touching achievement but I reckons we can make it happen.

The t shirt in question for this here promo range is the one below:

Again, thoughts would be absolutely delightful!

I hope you are brilliant x