Thursday, 16 April 2009

Much needed and Overdue Blogging!! 1st Johnny Casio t shirt and website!

Hello all!

I hope all is marvellous!

Please accept my apologies for such delayed blogging!

The news for all you regulaars...
Johnny Casio and his Designs is even more online, me own website! whoda thought!

Its up and running and hopefully you likes it!!!

Even more news...

You can get your hands on the 1st ever limited edition promo t shirt starting next week - all you need to do is get in touch with ones self and we can sort you out!! The design you can see below is the 1st t shirt to go into production - what are your thougths??? Email me if you want in!

Thanks to all for all your comments and support. Keep em coming. Please invite your friends to the facebook group and let this independance sparkle across the world!!!

Lets do this!!

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