Sunday, 8 February 2009

Signed and stamped!

Well what a marvelous honour!

Last night we embarked on the rescheduled Frank Turner gig with too much excitement to hide - got there, got a toffee crisp, next thing I know - we bump into the man himself! He was there quite happily just selling his merch as the down to earth fellow would.

Absolutely brilliant gig, it always will be with Frank. I hold him up there as part of our heritage, though our new heritage simply because his music and is naturalness?! is precious.

Being Johnny Casio i had on hand the drawing I have done which is inspired by the man himself. I showed it to him. He had already seen it! This were touching and rather spectacular! He has signed it and I shall scan it in to get online A SAP!!

I've also done a new doodle which you can see here:

What are your thoughts oh wonderful peoples?

This was a rushed message but thank you all!

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