Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trial and Tribulations of life in the 6-a-side: The Story of Norfolk and Chance

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So, after a one week break whilst our beloved referees have their monthly meeting, League Edstreme returned on Thursday 20th May. After our last performance, a battling 1-0 defeat in the CRY cup with 5 players, I have to admit I felt positive.

We faced the usual selection dilemma of a lack of players, with exams and injuries decimating the squad. That left us with a bare 5, so a ringer, named Jack, was called in at the last minute.

NAC got off to the usual positive start, decent possession and a couple of early chances, but, as has been the story of our season so far, we had no-one there to put them away. As a result, we went 1-0 down with the oppo’s first attack on goal. We did however fight back almost immediately, when a great chance fell to aforementioned ringer Jack, which he tucked away confidently. That made him joint top scorer, with yours truly!

The second half was as even as the first, until a certain Phil George attempted the pass that Jimmy always tells him not to – the one across goal. It was intercepted and, as I’m sure you can guess, tucked away.

We threw everything at them in the closing stages, including the kitchen sink, but to no avail. As it was, the game ended 2-1 and NAC suffer another disappointing defeat. All we need is a finisher and we would rocket up the league. I wonder if Michael Owen fancies a game.

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