Sunday, 14 November 2010

A little bit of print

Good weekend all!

Naturally being a massive follower of all sports yesterday was packed full of it. Man Utd game was a good way to kick off this weekends proceedings and what a game that was! Having spent a couple of years living not too far from Villa Park there's a soft spot there for them but really I just wanted United to put on a show, and I suppose they did. A great game.

Then le Rugby, what more can you say then flippin awesome England beating the wallabies like that!

As a build up the MASSIVE fight, what more can you ask for then to see Stoke beat Liverpool 2-0. Wunderbar!

The boxing, I love it - so much anticipation and David Haye, he's just such a cool guy! Was always going to go one way, I came away feeling less jubilant than I thought I would have - it's not the nicest thing to whitness a mans career be shut down in such a straight forward manner.

Anyway, bit of a random tangent!

Below is a simple poster for a pro drumming friend of ours - just a little something I did this morn.

Have a marvelous Sunday.


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