Thursday, 18 March 2010

An overhaul...

So as always it's been busy yada yada yada and we have neglected the blog in an unhealthy fashion...well.

This I have to say is simply down to the sheer amount of final year uni work that we seem to have on, however as the term winds down there is much excitement about absolutely everything.

We have been working closely with a great musician and promoter who has recently set up his own company; an agency whom you can approach to get a suitable type of music from for weddings and what not. To give him some web presence we knocked up a quick website that shall change over the next few months but it just needed a bit of presence online. The company name is MiBox Music and you can see the website by visiting

And as if we haven't been busy...the fine gentleman who set up MiBox has also started putting together his own record label and club night. Luckily enough for us we have been asked to do the flyer... and here is:

What do you think?

so from now on, we blog...lots!

...and soon

p.s. follow umbro on Twitter - they're doing awesome things digital campaignwise - we are well and truly obsessed with them and the awesome job they did on the new England kit. Legends!

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