Monday, 10 May 2010

Trials and tribulations of life in the 6 a-side - the story of Norfolk and Chance

The Epic 1st Blog

Hello one and all and welcome along to my first ever blog! My name is Phil George and my good friends at Johnny Casio Design have asked me to write this after he designed me a quite fantastic team badge (see above). I will be keeping you all up-to-date with the trials and tribulations of my 6 a side football team NAC (stands for Norfolk and Chance – say it quickly to understand it!) over the coming months.

NAC play in a league my mate Sean runs called League Edstreme (, based in Portsmouth, set-up in memory of his younger brother Ed who he unfortunately lost at a very young age. He has set the league up to raise awareness of CRY ( who have helped him and his family greatly over the past couple of years.

The league has come a long way, from playing with 8 teams in a sports hall to 2 outdoor all weather pitches with 2 divisions totalling 16 teams. As a result, he asked me to become “President” of the first division (he is an avid follower of NHL!). So as well as playing, I help with the organising.

We had the first CRY Cup competition a couple of months ago, raising £1,100 for CRY and another one is planned for this season. To be able to help with the running of this non profit league is truly an honour and all the while we are raising lots of money for charity.

So now you have the background, I will update you all in the coming weeks as to the progress of the newly formed NAC. Like any new team we are currently trying to gel and fortunately, as we are at the lower end of the footballing pyramid, we aren’t subject to the pressures of the Premier League! However this doesn’t mean we won’t be trying. Contrary to our team name, we have belief!

We are 4 games into this season and are currently 8th (of 8 L) in the first division. So, as the famous tune goes, the only way is up, baby! The season resumes a week Thursday (CRY cup games tonight) when I will update you on the adventures of Phil, Ru, Steve, Col, Jim, Justin, Paul & Jay.

You think it’s all over… is now.


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