Friday, 3 June 2011

What we look forward to in June

For me, a footall dweeb, the end of the season isn't such a bummer.

If anything, I really look forward to it - there's a flurry of new football kits for me to waste my time scouring. With this also comes new boots, new ad campaigns and generally the build up to a fresh start for all football teams.

Everything is generally far more enjoyable when the sun come out too.

Where am I going with this?



and here:


Interesting to see the angles each club is taking moving their brands forward. Both have some lovely touches.

The layering, bold features of Oldham (image 1) are powerful and smart whilst the tonal, simple imagery of Coventry (image 2) is minimal and cultured.

I'd summarise by saying Oldham have gone modern whereas Coventry have moved towards contemporary.

Both do a great job for each and I'll look out for these next season.

Hooray for the re-brand.

Enjoy the sun, up to 25 deg. ? Beautiful.


(credit to http://www.footballshirtculture/ for making lunch time so lovely and their design football blog for being the icing on the cake)

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